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Resources & Referrals


Looking to dive deeper into your learning?
Want to connect with a practitioner who shares similar values as Alexandra?

Listed below are my favourite and most trusted resources and referrals. You're in good hands with any of them!

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Top Recommendations:

  • Fearing the Black Body by Sabrina Strings

  • Decolonizing Wellness by Dalia Kinsey

  • What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Fat by Aubrey Gordon

  • What Happened To You? By Dr. Bruce Perry and Oprah

  • The Body is Not An Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor

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Working with a Registered Dietitian can be a helpful way to support the work you're doing in counselling.

Here's a list of trusted, anti-diet dietitians:

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Top Recommendations:

Alexandra can be heard on:

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